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Danish-Chinese Business Forum

Danish-Chinese Business Forum

Danish-Chinese Business Forum is an independent, non-profit, executive network organisation that aims to strengthen commercial ties between Denmark and China. Established in 2005 by leading Danish companies, Danish-Chinese Business Forum has gained recognition from both Chinese and Danish official side.

Danish-Chinese Business Forum aims to create a professional network forum for executives doing business with China as well as creating a professional platform for Chinese officials and executives visiting or setting up a base in Denmark. Danish-Chinese Business Forum is an executive network association with an informal and direct style of interaction. Danish-Chinese Business Forum is building and maintaining active participation and exchange of knowledge among top executives and managers from large and small companies, educational and research institutions, and municipal, regional and central government bodies.

Danish-Chinese Business Forum strives to add value for its members and specifically aims to:

  • Facilitate match-making between members and business contacts within and outside the network and official agencies.
  • Present the latest knowledge, experience, and visions of leading experts to the members.
  • Maintain strong ties to the Danish government and the official Danish representations in China, and to the Chinese government and the official Chinese representation in Denmark. Be a strong voice and influencer of Danish commercial and trade policy in relation to China.

Chairman: Mr Tom Behrens-Soerensen

Contact: Mr Hans Henrik Pontoppidan
Secretary General
Danish-Chinese Business Forum

Tingskiftevej 20
2900 Hellerup

Tel.: +45 2020 0481
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Denmark Denmark

Denmark at a glance

Denmark is a unique country in terms of business environment and the natural gateway to Northern Europe. With the region’s airport hub located in Copenhagen and excellent port, railway and road connections, Denmark offers the best infrastructure for your regional headquarter.

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The World Bank (2013) ranks Denmark as the easiest place in Europe to do business. This is due to several reasons. In Denmark you can establish your company within 24 hours, without any red tape or costly bureaucracy. This allows you to focus on your business and quickly enjoy the high flexibility and a safe business environment which are Danish characteristics. More so, bribery is practically unknown in Denmark, which has earned Denmark top rankings in the international transparency index for years.

Denmark is also home to one of the most advanced and flexible labour markets in the world. The Danish “flexicurity” model includes some of the most flexible hiring and firing rules in the world, and reduces costs of scaling business operations up or down. The Danish workforce is among the most productive in Europe, and no restrictions apply regarding overtime work, allowing companies to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Denmark also holds a highly qualified and motivated talent pool. 96 percent of young people complete a secondary education program and 47 percent a tertiary one. Denmark is known as a global innovator, with a highly skilled workforce as the primary driver. English proficiency is in the world’s top three where 4 out of 5 speak English. Your company will also benefit from the fact that self-motivation and efficiency is integral in Danish business culture.

The distinctive Danish public sector also contributes to Denmark being a highly competitive country. Salary levels for especially management and scientists are highly competitive and there are practically no social contribution costs for employees. Denmark has a population 5.5 million, a GDP per capita is $39,700 (2013) and is a highly equal society both in terms of income and gender. Danes consistently come out as the happiest people in the world on international happiness indices, and is an international frontrunner in terms of insuring work-life balance.

Trade relations with China

In terms of business sectors Denmark is world leader in cleantech, ICT and life sciences. The Global Cleantech Innovation Index (2012) ranks Denmark as number one. Danish companies control one third of the global wind market and are the first to exploit 2nd generation biofuels on a commercial basis. The Danish ICT cluster centers on an advanced high-tech society, featuring a world-class ICT infrastructure and the world’s most e-ready population.

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High-tech medical and pharmaceutical products are the biggest export good to China, but Denmark is also famous for design, clothing and architecture, which increasingly are sought after in China. Another major export good to China is Danish fur. In addition Denmark is a global maritime industry leader with long-standing shipping activities and advanced technologies.

Trading between Denmark and China has been on a steady increase over the last years, with two digit growth rates in the Danish export to China. China has on this basis grown to be one of the most important export markets outside the EU to Danish businesses.

Danish-Chinese investment relations

Denmark and China have a long tradition for mutual investment. More than 500 Danish companies are present in China, and both partnerships and investments relations are to a growing degree established. As China is a major and rapid growing consumer market, Danish investments into China have concentrated on developing and consolidating business relations advantages in this regard.

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A more recent trend in investment relations between the two countries is the growing degree of technology transfer. Danish business continuously move research and development departments to China, as both clusters capabilities and the availability of highly skilled labour in China have increased. Product adaption and constant innovation is key in obtaining continued competitive advantage, and Danish companies have to a growing degree chosen knowledge intensive partnerships with Chinese companies to reach such goals.

Investments from China into Denmark has is concentrated within sector where Danish companies are technological frontrunners. The latest Energy Investment Map published by PA Consulting Group (2014) shows that Denmark is the most attractive country for investments in sustainable energy. Globally, Denmark is recognised as a strong hub for both Life Science and ICT, where clusters offers an excellent interplay between public and private partners and a unique test environment for turning research into business. IBM’s Global Location Trends Report (2013) ranks Denmark 2nd in the world measured by value and quality of inward investments. The top ranking confirms Denmark’s position as an attractive destination for knowledge-intensive investments.

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