China has joined the global economy as one of its major powers. Combining its comparative advantages with those of Europe through complementary co-operation can contribute to sustainable growth and higher wealth in both regions and the world at large.

The promotion of fair trade relations on a level playing field with China cannot be sufficiently achieved by national activities alone. In fact, the EU – rather than member states – is the competent body on a whole range of issues. It is therefore imperative for businesses across the EU that their views are properly represented in policy and decision making at both the EU and member state level.

About Us

The EU–China Business Association (EUCBA) is the EU-wide federation of national non-profit business organisations in the European Union with specialization and particular expertise in exchange of knowledge on investments and trade with China. At current, EUCBA unites 19 members in 19 countries repre­senting more than 3,500 companies – large, medium, and small, in all branches of industry, commerce and the service sector.

EUCBA promotes direct investment and trade between China and the EU through international exchange of information and joint projects of its members – providing European companies a stronger base for expanding trade cooperation with China.

Representing 19 Organisations in 19 Countries